With a multinational reach, we provide trading services including hardware equipment, software, information technology services in most of the countries where we do business. The products and services we provide are guaranteed to be genuine, combined with the accompanying value-added services, which will help customers rest assured that they will have a suitable and optimal trade cycle.


MPS has a team with many years of experience and genuine training to deliver of a standard operating system and optimizing resources,. Strict and professional implementation process from configuration and operation. We always ensure successful project implementation with the best quality and optimal time.


As Oracle authorized partner for technical support services, we have proven our ability to be a reliable support for after-sales technical service providers. With technical support centers invested to expand both in terms of spare parts storage, ability to import and export in many countries, local engineer qualifications, MPS confidently completes customer support requests in accordance with or above the service commitment of the supplier.


Customers want their hardware and software infrastructure to ensure high availability, optimal performance, periodically check and make recommendations, and appropriate system lifecycle management roadmap, they can trust in MPS managed service which is delivered by highly qualified and professional team


MPS provides Server Rental Service that matches different needs of customers. Servers are qualified as manufacturers’ standards and being supported in technical issues.

List of servers that is provided by MPS:

  • Oracle Exadata, Oracle SPARC

  • Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

  • Storage Server

  • Oracle x86 server


As a specialist in the field of infrastructure, data platforms, and serving customers, We have an overview and details to shorten the time, and effort and save resources for customers along with that is transmit and spreading the experiences for customers and suppliers.